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LinkedIn: Why Should You Be Using It?

Why are people using LinkedIn❓ What is the main purpose of LinkedIn❓ Learn why is it important to create your company page:
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LinkedIn is a social network for professionals that helps individuals with their career development.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network online. It has close to 780 million members and thus is widely used for networking with people from interconnected fields.


Why are People Using LinkedIn?

This social media platform can be used for various purposes. It depends on the user’s goals. 

You can use LinkedIn for:

  • Finding a job, searching for new opportunities
  • Looking for internship
  • Networking with people from your industry
  • Connecting with people beyond your work field
  • Strengthening professional relationships
  • Making business connections
  • Developing your professional reputation
  • Presenting your resume
  • Interacting with people
  • Messaging with other users
  • Organizing events
  • Joining groups of your interests
  • Posting updates, photos, videos
  • Writing articles
  • Sharing and liking content

The Main Purpose of LinkedIn

As you can see, people use LinkedIn in many ways. But its main purpose is constant: this social media was developed to help you find job opportunities and improve your professional network.


When you complete your LinkedIn profile thoroughly, you are showing the world your unique professional skills and experiences. This can help recruiters to find you and offer you opportunities that match your skillset.

Your profile consists of a few sections, showcasing your previous work experience, education, accomplishments, recommendations, and skills which can be endorsed by your colleagues or employers. There are also sections showing your interests and recent activities on the platform (published posts and articles, likes, and shares).

Some companies allow importing all your information from the link to your LinkedIn profile. It can be used as a replacement for curriculum vitae. This will save the time you’d otherwise spend filling the company’s long list of questions and forms.

The Jobs Tab

The platform offers a feature that allows you to search for and apply for jobs

In fact, it’s one of the best places to look for job opportunities online. 

You can search for jobs by skill, title, location, and other criteria.

In this section, you’ll also find information about companies and positions you’re interested in. You can set up job alerts when there are new jobs available and get recommendations from LinkedIn about job opportunities. There are also settings allowing you to notify your connections and recruiters that you’re actively searching for a job.

The Jobs tab on LinkedIn

Create your Company Page

By creating a LinkedIn page for your business you have another channel to display your brand. It’s not only boosting your visibility, but it has many advantages for your marketing strategy too.

On your company page, you can present all the important information about your brand.

This way you become more approachable to the users interested in your company or even potential customers. Users who want to work for your company can find here the relevant information, learn more about you, and contact you as well. 

Moreover, on your company page, you can promote your products or services and post updates about your brand, its successes, and special offers. It also allows you to post job offers for open positions in your company.

Once you created your company page it’s time to improve it. It can be a great tool for your business when you integrate it with a CDP. Read more about the benefits of LinkedIn integration with CDP.

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