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How to Improve Customer Experience? 6 Proven Techniques

Customer experience (also known as CX) is becoming increasingly important for all businesses. Business professionals even include CX among their top business priorities.
Wanna know how to improve CX?

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5 Best Practices for Bloomreach Engagement Integration – (Exponea/CDXP)

It is quite straightforward to integrate your online channels with Exponea, to start tracking your customer’s events and actions; but how can you make the best out of this integration? here you go some of the top best practices. 1. Build a Comprehensive Tracking Document Although one of the super powers of Exponea is the […]

Customer Experience UI/UX Design

Digital Art: Types + Benefits

Digital art is a method of art-making made with digital technology. Learn more about types of digital artwork and its advantages 👉
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Customer Experience UI/UX Design

Elements of 2D Design

What are âś… the essential elements of 2D Design and why are they important? Learn also about âś… the principles of a good 2D design:
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Best Practices In Email Marketing

Do you know what are the types of marketing emails❓ Learn about the best practices in Email Marketing 👉
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