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Facebook Ads Audience Retargeting Through CDP Integration

Is it difficult to integrate Facebook to CDP❓ With CDP integration you can create personalized audiences and make better use of retargeting 👉

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Facebook is a valuable source of information for marketers. It’s because this social media is able to collect various types of data. Facebook has access to information about all of the user actions (liked posts, shares, page and profile visits, how often they visit the site, what advertisements they’ve clicked on…), device data (IP addresses, type of browser they’re using), location and, of course, it has access to Facebook profiles of the users.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, so it collects information from these platforms too.

For some people, this can sound scary because in some cases Facebook knows them even better than their relatives. But for a marketer, all of this data is a gold mine.

CDP Integration

With integrated CDP (Customer Data Platform) you can collect valuable data from multiple channels in one place. CDP collects data from the company’s website, email, Facebook, and other social media and all of the other channels customers can interact with you.

Once you have data from these channels you can start segmenting customers based on their interests or buying behavior and start creating personalized campaigns. Retargeting through CDP integration is much easier.

CDP Integration with Facebook

Thanks to CDP you will have detailed customer data. The platform makes it easy to analyze this data, segment customers into audiences, and predict their behavior, so you can set your strategy accordingly.

CDP integration with Facebook enables you to use information about your customers when creating custom audiences on Facebook. With custom audiences, you can do more efficient Facebook ad campaigns.

Custom Audiences

A Custom Audience is made from a customer list. A customer list contains people who have already interacted with your brand (they liked or shared your Facebook posts, visited your store, clicked on your products).

When you have a Custom Audience, you can show ads to people who have already shown an interest in your business. And if you know what your potential customers are interested in, you can target them more efficiently with Facebook ads.

Lookalike Audience

With Custom Audiences you can also create another type of audience: a Lookalike Audience. A Lookalike Audience is an audience consisting of people who are similar to your best existing customers. Basically, people in a Lookalike Audience are copies of your existing customers.

When you create a lookalike audience you can reach potential customers with a good chance that they will be interested in your business. This will lead to more sales and higher ROI (return on investment).

Facebook Ads Audience Retargeting

Retargeting through CDP Integration

Thanks to the integration of Facebook to CDP you can retarget your customers more efficiently. The platform stores your sales data (which are updated automatically so you don’t need to import manually all the data).

Sales data are gained from your online shops. CDP integration allows you to use these data in Facebook audiences. This way you can create more personalized campaigns. 

When you work with Facebook audiences you have information about people who already purchased your products. You can then use your retargeting resources wisely. You can for example create an audience of recent buyers so your ads won’t be displayed to these audiences. The same goes with other social media – you can also integrate Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

How Difficult is it to Integrate Facebook to CDP?

Facebook ads integration with CDP is quite easy and what’s more, it’s completely safe. Integration is allowed through Facebook API. API integration sends customer data to Facebook in a secure hashed format. 

Hashing is a security method that uses the cryptographic technique. Thanks to hashing all the information about your customers is turned into randomized code. Customer data is hashed before it reaches Facebook, so Facebook won’t be able to use data from your sources.  

Facebook ads integration through CDP is a GDPR compliant way to use collected customer data when creating Facebook campaigns.

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