Team building with CDXP Me!

We at had such a team building this September!
We discovered numerous benefits of this connecting activity.

Team building has become an integral part of building company culture. It is said to build trust, encourage creativity, improve communication and build lasting relationships… Team building helps co-workers put aside life issues and focus on the goal of the company’s needs and growth as it enables them to build a good foundation and focus on a common goal. 

We at had such a memorable team building this September.  

Considering the team is spread out across the world, this was not an easy task but it came together perfectly. Our colleagues traveled in from America, South America, Egypt, and for those on the home front, beautiful Slovakia.  

It is always a pleasure showing people around one’s own country and this wasn’t any different. We got to travel across the countryside, from the capital Bratislava to central Banská Bystrica, all the way to the magical Eastern side of Slovakia, Poprad. We even made it into the grand Budapest in Hungary.  

We were so happy to meet such nice colleagues in person. We enjoyed working together, getting to know one another beyond the computer screen, work tasks, and meetings and got to enjoy seeing each other in a relaxed and fun-loving mood and environment as well as supported our agility mindset with coached training sessions. 

Besides eating very well, on our list of adventures to take part in were adrenaline sports like Skydiving, rafting, shooting, hiking, go-karting, and some wellness on the side.  

We as a team felt this time to be very beneficial, not only to strengthen our relationships and collaboration but also our productivity spiked through the roof during and after this event.  

The great memories and feelings of motivation stayed with us long after we returned to our day-to-day lives and have continued to show up in our working lives and internal communication and task management… 

All in all, team buildings are highly regarded for a reason… After all, teamwork begins by building trust and it’s the team who builds the company. 

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