Best Gadgets for Remote Work

What are the Best Gadgets for Remote Work?
Read about our hacks on how to be productive but at the same time happy working from home!

Do you know all CDXP me co-workers work remotely? And it’s great! 😊

Here are our hacks on how to be productive but at the same time happy working from home! 

1. Are you struggling to start? Make your morning routine!

Dress yourself for work & prepare your morning coffee/tea/any other ritual to start reading your emails! Remember, the sooner you start, the sooner you can finish.

The rituals at work are essential. Plan regular time also for your lunch, dinner, or home exercise to not forget about your personal needs when working from home, and don’t forget to hydrate! 

2. Does it happen that you work long hours because you need to finish an important task? Start with the most critical work tasks first.

Plan your daily tasks according to their priorities. Always start with the important ones. All others can wait till the next day if you see your work day is coming to an end. 

3. Are you missing social contact? Find the time for a virtual coffee chat with your colleagues.

If you work in a company remotely, it is nice to have an informal, online meeting with your colleagues as well. For example, create an all-girls regular meetings group and call it “Ladies talks”. Such meetings are an excellent way of getting to know each other and making your cooperation more efficient. It regularly happens that at such meetings you come up with great business ideas as well as solve difficult work issues. 

4. Make your workspace comfortable & use all the technical innovations you might need!

Working well is always related to feeling good. Set your working space up accordingly.

  • Do not work from the bed or sofa, unless you are doing something that allows you to work like this (e.g. watching some videos).
  • Create your working space with 2 big screens.
  • If you present/teach online, use some technical gadgets such as a touch screen & touch screen pen to make your presentations more interesting.
  • Use high-quality headphones to avoid echoes, outside noise, as well as meeting noise. A standing desk, and a walking belt, when working long hours, can also be a good idea. Ask your employer how they can support you to create the desired working environment at home. 

5. Adjust your availability and share your Calender with your colleagues. 

Agree with your boss about your work availability and let people know when you are out of office. This way you can avoid unexpected work calls at your yoga classes or on vacation. On the other hand, state how people/clients can reach you under urgent circumstances.  

Interested in joining our remote international team? Do not hesitate to check out our career page or contact us directly: [email protected]! 😊 

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