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Ideal Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

The holiday season accounts for approximately 20% of total annual retail sales. How can the right Marketing and CDP use cases help you?

It’s that time of year again. Just as Halloween decorations start coming down Christmas appears on the shop shelves… there is something exciting brewing in-between and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving…

That’s right…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday which has pretty much become celebrated holidays and reasons for upping sales through sales-driven marketing in retail. 

How can the right Marketing and CDP use cases help you through these dauntingly competitive times? 

Well… Let’s find out! 

The National Retail Federation says that the holiday season accounts for approximately 20% of total annual retail sales. There are other brands and industries benefiting from this time, in November and December, it’s party planning companies as well as those who are service oriented that see an increase in business too.

So, why not jump on the wagon, what better time than now to reach those annual sales goals?  

A good place to start is in planning.  

This takes looking into your current customer data and seeing who could benefit from your marketing. Ie: sales, promos, special deals, reminders for abandoned carts as well as frequent shoppers who are deserving of loyalty bonuses.  

This can be achieved by Looking into the built customer loyalty you have, optimizing your inventory, and then targeting customers with omnichannel sales.

How to use Promotions?

Use your promotions wisely: 

  • Advertise through social media, encouraging customers to like, follow and subscribe to the mailing list. 
  • Have an easy-to-use landing page for an easy, targeted sign-up. 
  • Log in data to your CRM  
  • Set up the correct functions on your CDP to automate direct messaging and customization seamlessly. 
  • Refine your messaging, and use your data to speak to your customer’s individual needs. 
  • Check out your competitors and make your offers better and more appealing. 

According to ‘Twilio Segment’s The State of Personalization 2022 report, nearly half ( 49%) of consumers say they will likely become a repeat buyer after a personalised retail shopping experience.’ So use this opportunity wisely! Apparently consumes purchase 34% more due to personalised interaction… This leaves huge revenue to be made. 

67% say they want to be able to interact with the brand.  

Putting your CDP and chatbots as well as automated messaging and relying on good use cases can not only promote your brand now but build loyalty down the line for when the next occasion comes around.  

Use cases

Useful use cases to consider. 

  • Campaign tracking 
  • Content optimization 
  • Personalize messages via the use of merge tags 
  • Abandoned cart reminders 
  • Retarget visiting customers with display ads.  
  • Bring out the loyalty vouchers 

It is always a season, and the next sales opportunity is just around the corner, so keep up with the efficient data collection and remember, data is gold and sales waiting to happen.  

Contact us at should you have any questions on how better to store, track and use your data…we will be happy to manage it for you.  

Happy holidays! 

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